Nutritional Information
(Approx Values)
Serving Per Package* 150 ML
Serving Size1 serving in this pack
Per 100 ML%RDA Per Serve
Energy (Kcal)54.83
Total Fat (g)00
Saturated Fat (g)00
Trans Fat (g)00
Cholesterol (mg)00
Sodium (mg)00
Carbohydrates (g)13.7
Total Sugar (g)13.7
Added Sugar (g)13.726
Protein (g)0
The % RDA indicates the nutrient contribution to a daily diet based on a 2000 Kcal energy intake
Ingredients : Purified water, Sugar, Acidity regulator (INS 330), Stabilizers (INS 416, INS 466, INS 440, INS 418), Permitted class II preservative (INS 211).